One day I found myself in need of a Thank You card for a friend, so I began my quest to find the perfect card.  With a dozen or more places in town that sold greeting cards, I was sure I would find just the thing in no time at all.  I was looking for something that would be pleasing to the eye–not too plain nor too gaudy, and the wording had to be just right–not too gushy or too formal.  It was the end of September, the leaves on the trees brilliant in all their fall glory–wouldn’t it be nice if I could find a greeting card that featured a beautiful autumn scene?

Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations filled the stores.  I was certain I would find just the thing in no time at all.  Alas, after hours of trudging up and down the aisles of countless stores, reviewing card after card, each one seemingly more obnoxious and inappropriate than the one before it, I was finally ready to admit defeat.  Why, even I could design a card that was better than what I had come across so far! If I could actually design a greeting card, that is.  But of course, that was totally out of the question. I mean, I had made a few birthday cards with the help of a software program I had on my computer, but even those images seemed uninspired and lacking when compared to what I had set my heart on.

Then standing in that dismal department store aisle with its meager stock of scrapbook supplies, a package of dimensional autumn-themed stickers caught my eye.  One sticker in particular–a beautiful autumn wreath–was exactly what I had been thinking of. Now why couldn’t I find a pre-made card like that in the stores? And then I thought, why do I need a pre-made card? I already had cardstock and envelopes at home that I used for my computer generated cards, the sticker pack had all the images I needed, and I could use my computer to create the greeting! And so began my cardmaking journey–and what a wonderful trip it has turned out to be!


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